Real-time acquisition and display of flow contrast with speckle variance OCT using GPU

In this report, we describe a graphics processing unit (GPU)-accelerated processing platform for real-time acquisition and display of flow contrast images with Fourier domain optical coherence tomography (FDOCT) in mouse and human eyes in vivo . Motion contrast from blood flow is processed using the speckle variance OCT (svOCT) technique, which relies on the acquisition of multiple B-scan frames at the same location and tracking the change of the speckle pattern. Real-time mouse and human retinal imaging using two different custom-built OCT systems with processing and display performed on GPU are presented with an in-depth analysis of per-formance metrics. The display output included structural OCT data,en faceprojections of the intensity data, and the svOCT en face projections of retinal microvasculature; these results compare projections with and withoutspeckle variance in the different retinal layers to reveal significant contrast improvements. As a demonstration, videos of real-time svOCT for in vivo human and mouse retinal imaging are included in our results. The capability of performing real-time svOCT imaging of the retinal vasculature may be a useful tool in a clinical environment for monitoring disease-related pathological changes in the microcirculation such as diabetic retinopathy.

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Figures and Videos

Figure 1: GPU Profiler of FDOCT Processing, Speckle Variance, En Face Generation and Display.

Figure 2: Dynamic user selection for speckle variance en face images for Mouse data.

Figure 3: Several representative colour-mapped en face images representing different depths.

Figure 4: Demonstration of Speckle Variance Spectral Domain OCT in Mouse with 810 nm system.

Figure 5: Demonstration of Speckle Variance Swept Source OCT in Human with 1060 nm system.

Figure 6: Demonstration of svOCT in Human with Colour-mapped en face image.


J. Xu, K. Wong, Y. Jian, and M.V. Sarunic. "Real-time acquisition and display of flow contrast using speckle variance optical coherence tomography in a graphics processing unit." Journal of biomedical optics 19, no. 2 (2014): 026001-026001.